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Have a unique experience of a Danish Folk College “the AFS way”.

AFS in Denmark is pleased to invite young people (aged 18 – 30) to spend 5 weeks at Vraa Hoejskole (a Danish Folk College) strengthening their intercultural competencies, meeting young people from all over the world, learning about Danish culture and language and engaging in a variety of activities.

What is a Danish folk college?

Danish folk colleges are a unique concept and part of the non-formal educational system in Denmark. Classes are based on dialogue and mutual learning between teachers and students. The students stay at the college during the course. Living at a folk college is very much about intercultural awareness and personal growth. Students are young young people between 18 and 30 years. The colleges aim to attract students who wish to develop their skill and understanding in their particular field of interest and who also wish to develop personally and become more clear about their future direction. Folk colleges are NOT to be compared with universities, academies or professional schools where learning is much more formalized and generally with exams. Read more about Danish folk colleges HERE.

More about summer program at Vraa Folk College

As a participant in this program:

  • you will both study, live and eat at Vraa Hoejskole, and in that way enjoy the vibrant and socially engaging life at the Folk College. At the same time you will have the opportunity to experience the unique concept of informal learning taking place at Danish folk colleges. The Vraa Hoejskole has a strong focus on healthy well-prepared food and 60% of all food served at the college is organic.
  • you will learn about Denmark and Danish culture and language, engage in creative subjects of your own choice (such as painting, drawing, ceramics, jewellery and photography) and take part in excursions to places of cultural significance.
  • you will go on study trips.
  • you will visit Göteborg in Sweden together with the Danish participants also taking part in the program
  • in the evenings you may choose to immerse yourself in creative activities using the many facilities of the college, take part in lectures or discussion groups with your fellow students, engage in intercultural activities, or just relax and have a good time (perhaps enjoying the popular bonfires in the college garden).
  • in the weekends you will be invited to take part in excursions to other parts of Denmark, go to the local beach or just enjoy the long Danish summer days and bright evenings in the company of your fellow students.
  • … and last but not least you have the possibility of extending your stay there until Christmas as an independent student!

Read more about the Vraa Folk College on (click on English in the top menu)


  • All costs in connection with the your participation in this program are included: such as food, accommodation and orientations. However, you will need to bring pocket money for your own spending. Denmark is an expensive country so it is recommended having a minimum of USD 170 per month.
  • you will fly to Aalborg Airport where you will be met by a representative of Vraa Hoejskole who will take you to the college where you will be given a brief on-arrival orientation.

Detalles del Programa

  • Tipo de Programa
    • Study Abroad
  • Ubicación
  • Programa individual o para grupos
    Individual o Grupal
  • Aspectos destacados del programa
    • Live and study with young people from all over the world
    • Take part in the educational and social activities at the folk college going on 24/7
    • Learn about Danish culture and language and strengthen your interculture competencies
    • Engage in creative and intercultural activitites
    • Develop your strenghts and become clearer about your future

Lo que está incluido en la cuota de participación

  • Hospedaje
  • Servicio de Atención de Emergencias 24/7
  • Comidas
  • Certificado de Competencias Globales
  • Apoyo Continuo
  • Orientaciones durante el intercambio
  • Access to Alumni Network
  • Presencia Mundial
  • 70 Años de experiencia
  • Airport Pick-up
  • Domestic Transport
  • Cultural Tours
  • Algunos Materiales de Clase