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The Summer Academy on Sustainability is a two-week course on sustainability and intercultural learning for students and young professionals from all over the world. The course is organized by InterCultur gGmbH (a subsidiary of AFS Germany) and Jacobs University Bremen in cooperation with AFS in your home country.

The Summer Academy on Sustainability focuses on intercultural challenges in (ecological) sustainability, climate change, energy and the environment with an intercultural perspective of international energy politics, environmental ethics and further ecological issues. The learning takes place in workshops, lectures, practical exercises as well as during excursions.

We offer an academic program at university level, tackling both theoretical and practical issues, including experiential learning approaches in order to enhance more sustainable learning outcomes.

Several excursions during the Summer Academy add additional value to the program and enable the participants to get further insights to sustainability and intercultural issues.


The Summer Academy is a blended offer of lectures, workshops, practical parts and excursions. All courses include workshop sessions with complementary theoretical and practical content offered by academic staff from Jacobs University and experienced trainers from the InterCultur network.

A rich social program and several excursions enable participants to spend more time together in the international group, thus strengthening the intercultural experience.

The combination of lectures at university level and practical workshops, placing the participants and their experience in the center of attention, provides a unique learning experience.

The participants will not only get insight into the German approach to sustainability: including the intercultural components of the program, participants will develop a mutual understanding of the respective concepts discussed and applied in Germany and beyond.

The Summer Academy offers the opportunity to intensively work in an international group, and thus provides the chance to gain intercultural experience beyond the focus area of sustainability.

The program will be completed with a certificate; furthermore you have the opportunity to earn academic credit points (ECTS).


The lectures on sustainability have the following topics: Concepts and Perception of Sustainability, Global Resources, System Earth, Climate Change, (Renewable) Energy, Sustainiabilty and Daily Life. The lectures’ content is supported by practical excursions.


Afternoon sessions deal with culture and cultural theory. Different environmental issues will be complemented and amplified by an intercultural perspective. Through a very interactive approach classical topics such as cultural differences, identity, stereotypes, and values will be addressed and discussed. Further, topics such as cultural diplomacy and climate migration will widen the scheme and deepen your knowledge and understanding about the complexity of culture, politics and the environment. You can expect to be engaged in cultural simulations, games, group work, reflections, case studies and the discussion of critical incidents. Besides, we will explore the international way of life together and hopefully get a deeper insight into who we are, who “the others” are and how to work together fruitfully.


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