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The mission of our organisation is to create a social-therapeutic environment where adults with a disability can lead a normal and fully fledged life. Our mission is based on the philosophy of anthroposophy of Rudolf Steiner. Respect, attention and responsibility for people, the earth and the environment / environment are an integral part of daily life. Based on an awareness of the well-being of society, we want to be careful with the people and resources entrusted to us.

Our organisation is recognised as a healthcare provider by the Flemish Agency for Persons with Disabilities. Our residents are adults with a moderate to severe mental handicap. We occupy a special place in the landscape for people with disabilities. Employees live in the facility with their families and form a residential community with the residents of the target group. As such we call ourselves a ‘village community’. External employees come to work in the wake, but they also attach a lot of value to the domestic aspect. A lot of attention is paid to the workplaces. We have our own garden, bakery, weaving mill, farm, shop, café,… The residents find a useful activity there during the day based on their competences, grow self-conficence and develop a feeling of responsibility. We have also started summer care for children with a disability (especially on and around our farm) and we also offer outpatient care.

It is important to treat each other with care and respect, based on empathy and mutual understanding. We value understanding of the differences between individuals in our community. We do this through regular reflection and reflection on our own actions, and by communicating and evaluating the insights gained. In this way we create development opportunities that meet the needs of every person to develop and grow inwardly. We attach great importance to our responsibility for the earth and its healing power, and strive for a harmonious balance in the environment. Among other things, this finds expression in working on land – in accordance with the principles of biodynamic agriculture.

Our staff counts around 40 members with a pedagogical background.  We work with approx. 10 volunteers around the year to support the professional staff.

The volunteers wil assist the co-worker in various tasks with the villagers. It involves:

  • working together on daily household shores in the house: cooking, cleaning, ironing
  • working with the animals on the farm: feeding, mending fences,…
  • working in the bakery: kneading, baking, cleaning
  • processing organic food: milk, cheese, marmelade, juices
  • working in the garden assisting with the sowing, weeding crops,…
  • working in the weaving mill with the handwork crocheting, knitting, weaving felting
  • working in the shop where we sell our home-made products, fruits and vegetables, fabrics,…

Learning opportunities:

  • The volunteer learns to work with and care for persons with a mental disability
  • There are many opportunities for a volunteer to learn (part of) a specific workplace and learn a about biological and organic farming, vegetable and fruit gardening, bakery, running a shop, making dairy, weaving,…

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