Since I was selected as one of the AFS scholarship winners I had been grateful and excited for the help they gave me to make this dream real. I chose to come to the United Kingdom because besides the fact I wanted to improve my English skills I wanted to learn about their culture. To be honest, I didn’t know anything about Cardiff, so it’s been a real adventure.

Cardiff is a small city but has the loveliest people I had ever met and because of their universities, I was able to enjoy a multicultural environment. Also, it has beautiful parks and places to walk around even though the weather is windy and drizzling. The school is near to the centre, which makes it easy to visit the shops and some of the tourist highlights of the city.

The teachers and staff were always lovely, as well as my host family, they helped me to improve my English. I don’t feel I got as fluent as I wanted, perhaps because I’ve only been here fourth months; but now, I’m aware of the grammar and pronunciation, that makes me feel more confident when I speak.

It’s been an incredible opportunity. I definitely would do it again.

Thank you AFS for your help!

~ María Alejandra