Hello everyone, 

My name is Kasira Losithong or call me Morgan I come from Thailand. I’m 18 years old and now I am an exchange student in Colombia. I am going to present about my experience and my life here in this country!

I live in Ubaté which is far from Bogotá that is the Capital around 80km. The people here is so very nice and we know each other because this town is very small but it’s not too bad ,for me this reason helped me to make so many friends and do the activities together for example… Dinner, Meeting, Big birthday’s party etc.

I study at La presentación Ubaté that is high school in this town. The first month was so really hard because before I arrived in Colombia. I had not learned Spanish so I couldn’t speak and it was difficult to make them understand the things that I would like to say so I did everything to learn Spanish as fast as I could in that moment and nowadays everything is better. After the school normally I have to go home with my colombian brother everyday. The culture in Colombia the members in a family they are very close, They always have breakfast, lunch and dinner together. They always tell everything that they faced in that day when they are eating. And here when they want to do something, they need to ask for permission so I wasn’t comfortable to follow this rule in the first period.

For the food here, they don’t eat too much for breakfast, Maybe only bread and coffee in the morning but they will have a big meal for lunch. Normally in the night if they don’t have party or special activity, the dinner will be like breakfast that isn’t a big meal.
Colombian people like dancing, party and the most important is watching football competition. For me 15 birthday’s party is very very strange. But it’s for only the girls when they are 15 years old, they will make a big party like a wedding ceremony to show everyone that now they are completely teenage girls!!! In Thailand, we don’t have something like this.
Sometimes I don’t wanna go back to Thailand, I feel free to live here. It’s so hard to explain, it’s like my house, seriously the time has passed so quickly. Now I have many friends I have learned a lot here in Colombia: friendship, culture, adapting and I’ll learn more and more, thank you so much.
Kasira Losithong
You can also call me “Morgan”