Hola! First of all I would like to introduce myself, my name is Jettawat Krivait or you can call me Mix. I am 17 years old, I’m an exchange student from THAILAND and now I’m in COLOMBIA.

Why I decided to be an exchange student? Because; I love to travel to another place to know more about that place. Also love a challenges in my life, sounds like I’m crazy but not, I just think when we have challenge in our life it’s gonna make us more stronger and It’s will give you an experiences or maybe it will teach you how to solve the problem when you have to use your life without your family.

And I always say to them that I don’t know the real information, so I just want to go there, I just want to gain a new experience. and there’s in Colombia everything are different from Thailand. Finally I though that it’s not important that I have to go to somewhere in Europe or the famous country. I don’t think so. I think everywhere is good for me and for you. Because of cause you will gain a lot of experience and learn a new culture. Sometimes I ask to some people that asked me why, “ Do you know where is Colombia “ and they said “

Moreover I would like to tell all of you, the information of Colombia that you get from other people or another media it’s not true in my opinion, for example, before I came here I have got a lot of not good information, like everybody asked me “Why you choose to have an exchange year in Colombia? there is very dangerous.

Absolutely, “Exchange isn’t a year in your life it’s a life in a year” confirm confirm confirm…

Por Jettwat Krivait de Tailandia. Programa escolar. Colombia. 2015