Hello guys! How’s everything going? I am a girl from Thailand who had an exchange year in Colombia.

Once, I’d like to discover this world, learn new culture, get new experiences, new friends and to know how to get along or handle with myself. Then I decided to have an exchange year and Colombia is my destination. When I’m in Thailand, I have seen many of news about Colombia and almost all is about drugs or violence then too many people asked me why I chose to come here. But I think it’s no matter because it is a normal problem in many countries and that news have been published since too many years ago. I choose Colombia because the culture, the beautiful things which not much people have known.

I’d been excited when I arrived. A lot of things here are new and different from Thailand, the foods, the culture, how people greet etc. and all of this are wonderful. It doesn’t like what too many people think at all. The people here is so amiable and we are always smile, greet with each other and ask how was everything all the day. The food here is so good but it’s quite hard for me at first because in my place it’s so different and spicy. However now I love the foods here so much.

People here dance so nice. I love it as well. My favorite types of dancing is Salsa and Bachata. I wish I could dance as local people here if possible. They are awesome. My family and my friends are so nice and cool. I get along with them so well. With my host family, they are my truly second family. They take care of me as I was their real daughter. In my school, teachers and friends are really nice, even I have been here in Colombia in a little time but it seems like we are together for many years. Everything here was fantastic.

Now I’m grown up, stronger, gain a lot of experiences and more confidence. Even time is flied but my memories will be on my mind last forever. Thank you so much to myself that decided to come here, thanks for my family and friends for moral support, thanks for AFS for this chance and support as well. I promise that I will return back here again as soon as possible.

This is not a trip or vacation but it’ll be lifetime of opportunities. Please stepping out of your comfort and trying new things. Take your chance and keep an unchanged part of your life. Wish it, dream it, do it and worth it.

By Kanyanut Yam-ubon or Cartoon